Friday, September 28, 2007

Why buy now??

Have you thought about buying a new home? Now's a great time. Buying real estate is no different that buying stocks. Have you heard the expression "Buy low, sell high"? The prices have adjusted downward. For those of us who own homes, it's a difficult pill to swallow, I know. My home is definitely not worth what I bought it for two years ago!

So why buy now? The prices are down. You don't have to waive the appraisal contingency. You don't have to waive the home inspection contingency. You don't have to waive the financing contingency. The seller might pay some of your closing costs. You probably won't be paying more than the asking price.

And then there are the builders. They're looking to get rid of their inventory homes. For many of them, their fiscal years ends in December. Each and every day, I get an email regarding the specials the builders have.

Let me guide you through the maze of buying a new home~Nancy

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Melva said...

You write very well.