Saturday, October 27, 2007

Make a Difference Day in Loudoun County

Today is Make a Difference Day.
The Ashburn Office of Long & Foster decided we would participate. We raised a little over $225. Several of the agents contributed. We also received a contribution from our title partner, RGS-Ashburn....thanks Michelle!
The money went a long way. I went Target to pick up the goods for the drive. It took me about 45 minutes to collect the items for 6 baskets. What a great place to shop. Many of the toiletries were on sale so I was able to purchase more with my money.
Once I left Target, I went back to the office to assemble the baskets to take to the Holiday Coalition. Pam Jones and Greg Smith were there and they generously offered to help me. We were able to sort through the items and put them in the appropriate baskets in no time flat. We loaded up my car and I was off to deliver my goodies.
You should have seen the activity at the Holiday Coalition site! The parking lot was as full as if it were a week day. There were volunteers on site helping unload cars, writing receipts, building shelving and sorting everything that came in. And boy was the stuff coming in. There was a continual flow of cars.
I spend my workdays helping families find homes and homes find families. I spent an hour of my life today helping six families in need. I love what I do!
There is still much to do this holiday season. The Holiday Coalition is still in need of donations for their holiday "store" as well as volunteers to assist with the set-up, sorting of donations, preparing food and personal care baskets and my favorite,helping families shop.
You can give me a call at 703-726-3421 or contact the Holiday Coalition directly at 703-737-8367 or

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Catherine S. Read said...

Is it possible to leave donations at the Ashburn Office of Long & Foster? Is your participation going to be on-going from now through the holidays? I would like to help out, but I'm not certain what to do with donations or even what is needed or desired for this charity. I do know where your office is located off Exit 6 of the Greenway.